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“Childhood Memories” A3 print

This watercolor brings you right into a Nepalese village. Tinged with the soft light of sunset, it brings calm, immensity, softness and magic to your home!

A3 format standard quality print on 250g textured paper.


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Size : 29,7 cm x 42 cm
Watercolors and ink – Standard quality prints on textured 250g/m2 paper for a very affordable price and a still high quality.


This watercolor brings back childhood memories to me. I grew up in the mountains, and how many times have I gone for adventure, exploring the surroundings, making up fantastic stories. Feeling free and unlimited. It was often when the weather suddenly got stormy that I realized it was time to put an end to my explorations, and get back to the warm safety of my home, where a tasty cake and warm blanket awaited me.

Even today I still enjoy walking in the rain, or rediscovering this simple joy returning from a hike or a run, when the weather changes. It is the feeling I’ve wanted to hold with this painting.

Do these childhood memories speak to you too?


Each print is dated, numbered and signed.

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