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“Mayan Dream” A3 Print

This watercolor brings you right into a Nepalese village. Tinged with the soft light of sunset, it brings calm, immensity, softness and magic to your home!

A3 format standard quality print on 250g textured paper.


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Size : 29,7 cm x 42 cm
Watercolors and ink – Standard quality prints on textured 250g/m2 paper for a very affordable price and a still high quality.


“Mayan dream” is an invitation to reverie and exploration. It brings back memories of books and characters with whom I grew up, at a time when I pictured myself setting off to discover unknown countries and sites. I must confess that I used to dream i would become some kind of female Indiana Jones!

I’ve wanted to immerse the site in a night time magical atmosphere and add a childlike silhouette in this picture, in order to accentuate this dreamy dimension. But also that it conveys the humidity and luxuriance of the jungle which surrounds this sleeping archaeological site.

Will you let yourself drift towards your own childhood dreams while contemplating this watercolor?


Each print is dated, numbered and signed.

5€ shipping worldwide.



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