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Hi ! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I am Virginie, and I love co-creating art with you !

I am a french artist, mostly using ink and watercolors, a perfect combination to evoke both strength and fragility. Above all, I love using all the shades of life in my artworks, to capture feelings, moods, emotions and special moments.  I particularly love to tell stories through images that leave you with an uplifted spirit, peaceful and empowered. 

As a person, I am genuine, open hearted, and love to tune with people’s heart and soul. In truth, I love to follow a blissful movement, to give life to a soft yet strong piece of art that captures the essence of people and places with authenticity.

I am deeply grateful for the many beautiful intimate projects I’ve been entrusted with over the last few years. And I can’t wait to co-create with you !

I'm Passionate

about capturing…

The places and emotions We want to keep for A Lifetime 

My goal is for you to keep a lasting memory of the people and places you love.

I want you to re-experience the emotions and feelings of your happiest memories, every day. 

My Creative Journey

I have always held a pen and used it as a mean to share my perception of the world. Mostly through sketches. But also through words. For quite a long time, I’ve kept these for myself, while leading a successful career in corporate jobs.

In the meantime, I’ve always found inspiration and strength in nature. For that reason, I slowly became obsessed with the idea of grasping the secret beauty of lights, places and people. In 2020 I’ve decided to become a full time artist and illustrator (you can find out more about my activity as an illustrator on virginie.menot.fr ).

My path is still unravelling. I’ve opened a door to a journey and I don’t know where it will lead, but I have learnt to trust. I like to think my creations convey softness and fragility together with a solid enduring strength, which mirror who I am. A balance we all hold within, which can carry us through the most tumultuous storms.

Let’s create magic together !

NOW Let's get personal ! 5 things About Me.

1. I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. Almost daily, almost anywhere. I may still be able to achieve front splits when I reach my 70ies !

2. I grew up in a tiny village in the french Alps. From these times, I keep a true love for raw wilderness, brisk walks with tangled hair and the smell of earth… Even though I now live in a big city, I seize any opportunity to escape and wander in nature.

3. I am always cold 🙂 I LOVE summer for its long days and warm temperatures.  I do love autumn and winter too, but if it comes with a cabin, a blanket, a hot tea and a fireplace after a long walk!

4. I have quite a tendency to collect stones, feathers, leaves and flowers… which my daughter seems to have inherited from me! 

5. I can TOTALLY turn into a monster when deprived from sleep or food. Beware!


Do you relate with anything here ?

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